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Our staff is dedicated to Your Uninterrupted Boating Pleasure. We believe we can confidently and comfortably be Your Primary Marine Care Provider. We thank you for your support.

Aaron Lee

Aaron Lee is the General Manager of Culver Marine. For many years, he has been an avid boating recreationalist and competitor. He graduated from Linfield College in 1999 in Business Administration and then worked in the corporate sector in Portland. He has been trained in most all aspects of the marine business including in the shop, on the floor, at the factory schools and workshops. He is a graduate of the Spader Management and Service Management Schools.

Gerette is our parts and accessories manager.  She has had over 30 years of parts experience and is a huge asset to our company.  We are very excited to have her back and look forward to her continued contribution. 

Tim is a certified technician with over 25 years in the Marine industry. Tim is very knowledgeable and thorough and has been around most all types and brands of boats and propulsion systems. Tim is a key element in our overall marine operation.

Geoffrey S. Wollaston brings a plethora of experience in many aspects of the marine industry. Geoff is a certified technician with over 20 years of marine experience. He has done most everything in this business, including owning his own marine facility. He is a constant uplifting spirit with a strong passion for his work.

Have you hugged your boat detailer lately?  Most likely your boat left here cleaner that when it came in and you can thank Lori Frazier.  This is just one of our many commitments to your uninterrupted boating pleasure.  From fish guts, to algae, to cookie crumbs, our cleaning staff is all over it.  Lori is a true local that has your boats' best interest in mind.   We are thankful to have Lori to keep the facility and our service boats looking great!

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